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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
No worries.

Aye but let's say an AA shoot doesn't hand 3 cards in, that would make him A for the whole of the season or next 20 shoots, the problem is that it cascades down and then gives little chance to the person in the grade below of winning anything.

If you create a low number in the stats that means it will become what's know as an Outlier, outliers make the stats very, very inaccurate when using Mean to calculate %'s. You only need 2 or 3 outliers to bring a score down to the next grade.

Here's an example:

Mr B Shooter Rolling 20

72 65 79 79 65 68 69 70 69 68 71 65 73 68 68 66 74 34 22 12

As you can see, this guy got off to a bad start but is what most people would say is a B Grader, expect he isn't he's shooting off 62% and is C.

It could also be used to put yourself down, not sure why you'd do it but I'd hazard a bet someone would.
I started like that and it's taken ages to throw bad scores at the start, not sure of the answer other than allowing a limited numer of byes. Once the established grades are there it's a little easier to maintain and the odd blip really doesn't affect the majority unless for some unknown reason you have visions above your ability.

The scores should sill be submitted for all to see otherwise new shooters will see the best as being out of their reach and think that their scores are well below par, when you see a top shooter put in an average score it gives the new shooter hopes.

I always shoot to beat my last score and if I can stay within an handful of shots of the best then I'm happy, I set goals and then try to get there honestly

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