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Originally Posted by BDL View Post
Maybe a bit strong Andy mate
Wotcha Bri,

I'm not Andy I'm the better looking one with a worse grade

Originally Posted by BDL View Post
it sure opens up a can of descent in WAFTA, on the whole it looks to be limited but needs addressing. There definetly needs bo be a means to drop a score but the card should still be submitted, maybe each shooter gets two passes they can then assign to the shoots in question. Any more maybe they shouldn't be in that grade and need to go down. It's been brought up here before hence it's still a score of one It can be unfair on the grades below but that is the making of the people deliberately not handing in the card.
I don't know what the answer is, giving 1 point won't work tho because of the way the grades work.

Still think you need to see the size of the problem first before you can make a call, I can understand both sides really but I spend more time worrying about my scores than what someone else is doing.

I think talking about it openly helps as long as it doesn't turn into a witch hunt.
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