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Originally Posted by Gary Martin View Post
Just how can someone forget to hand the score card in? end of the shoot its in your hand or shooting partners. card should always go in. if a failure of equipment fair enough, if marshal verifies, deception really is poor sportsmanship.
Quite easily really.

I've seen people with one of the winning scores of the day forget to hand their card in before. I've known at least one person who forgot to bring their gun home If you can go to a shoot and forget your gun, I'm sure you can forget your scorecard

Personally, I don't think it's much of a problem. Why would you need to make up a whole load of rules for a couple of people who are only kidding themselves that they're better than they really are.

Essentially it's no different than electing to shoot in a higher grade, except you're trying to kid everyone else into thinking that you're better than you really are - but in reality you're only kidding yourself. It's a bit sad really.
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