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Originally Posted by BDL View Post
Maybe not mate but certainly not demonstrating good ethics to the new shooters and as I have said before if the card had 36 on it I'm sure it would have found its way to the stats :-). It really just only affects your credibility in the game, we all know who the best are and they always put on a good show which then gives those watching something to emulate.

I think "ethics" is a bit strong to be honest, as the rules are written you don't have a case and there's only one way to sort that, contact your BFTA rep and suggest a change that would work.

I can see some people are taking the moral high ground and in a way I can understand why but it all feels a bit "Pitchforks at midnight" to me.

First you need to know the size of the problem, I've seen a few people not hand their cards in at a W/L, so it's not just one person as this thread is suggesting.

I suggest we see the size of the problem and suggest a solution that works and then look at the grading system so that one or two bad scores don't send you down because at the moment it will and that is just no fair on those fighting to go up a grade. So, let's see the problem and find the solution and perhaps get a rule change but believe me that will be a very complex process and I wouldn't fancy the job
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