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Originally Posted by Baltipal View Post
My mate had a AGS 8-32, not a bad scope. I don't associate any JSR scope with effective clicking but maybe I'm wrong.
Yeah, over here in Kiwiland we do use a lot of the Leapers 8-32x56's on our FT rifles, simply because as stated its a better value product for us to purchase.

Yes the Big Nikko Diamond is indeed a superior product, but unavailable to us. We could buy in from Optic warehouse, but even then its more than treble the cost.

TBH Mine has taken some abuse over the last 2 years, and still clicks are positive.

I have set the rifle up so the far shots are in the flatter part of the trajectory, and as the Leapers resolves very well up close, I have the most clicks in that range. It will tell you 50 from 55 yards reliably every time, and on a good day with good light you can get 2 yards resolved out at that distance. You gotta know what you are doing though.

I dropped my kit onto concrete from a metre high benchrest the day before the Worlds, and it still worked. I got it home and straightened the barrel and re-centred the scope it is as good as new for ranging. So it gets my thumbs up for being tough enough.

But yes I agree, in an ideal world we would all have access to Big Nikkos........lmao.

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