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Why do I bother????????
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I may be wrong, but suspect that across all of the regions as a whole, this "issue" really isn't an issue at all. This may be directed at 1 or 2 people, I don't know but I suspect it is in reality not very common. Given that only a very small minority of shooters will be on here, opinions etc are very limited.

As has been said though, as rules currently stand, nothing wrong with it, whatever your opinion happens to be, end of.

In relation to making your shooting partner responsible for handing in your card, seriously? If someone decides to be an arse about it, why should another shooters day be ruined as a result?
Also unworkable in reality as some region's score cards also include pistol and silhouette scores on the same card.

Would I keep a card if I shot badly? No.

If someone does so to try and maintain a grade, so what in reality? Taking that to its conclusion, they end up staying up in a grade that is too high for them, so will rank nowhere in leagues etc as a result, so their loss.

There will always be those who push the rules as far as possible, but again, so what? If it is within the rules, it is not an issue. Whether someone agrees with those rules doesn't matter at all.
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