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Sorry I couldn't be there today chaps.. scores are up now.

I'm going to be in New Zealand for the last round, I'll have my lappy with me so I'll probably be able to process the scores and put them up on the web etc from the other side of the planet, but with the 13 hour time difference you might have to wait a while for them to be posted. I also might be a bit drunk

We do have a problem in that I won't be able to calculate the final results at the last event so unless someone can step up, giving out trophies might be tricky.

I'm looking for a volunteer who has a laptop running at least Windows 7 and has Excel installed who can bring it to the last event and run the stats program on site.

I've automated all the calculations, so it's literally 2 clicks, but to run the program you'll need to install the .NET framework (just a simple download from t'interweb).

If anyone can take this on, drop me an email :

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