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Originally Posted by BDL View Post
I'd agree its unfair on the grades below if someone was unscrupulous enough to do it for this reason mate. The vast majority of shooters I've met are honest good sportsmen and women, there is only one I know of who regularly does this which is a great shame.

Well, again, it's not against the rules so there's really nothing you or I can do about it.

Where grades are concerned you could argue about a lot of things. If you shoot in a region with 10 AA shooters and your in C, will your % be lower than someone who shoots in another region where there is just 5 A shooters?

The system isn't perfect or a flat field, I can't see what you can do but have a good moan as it isn't against the rules and would be almost impossible to write a rule against without punishing the grade below and we already have enough problems with trophy hunters and ringers

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