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Originally Posted by BDL View Post
Anyone can have off days but the systems there to grade everyone on their averages, if you go down then I think it's fair. Most shooters would expect a few low scores and still be in the mix, an off day for the best is only a few % which wouldn't knock them down a grade unless they are close to the cut.
I don't disagree but giving people 1 point just creates True Outliers when using Mean as a method to calculate averages, meaning that if you carried the system through to BFTA, all you will be doing is punishing people in lower grades by sending higher class shooters down, as well as making impossible within the season to work off those 1 points, get 3 of those and you are down for the season

The only people who get really punishing are the people in the grade below.

I've no idea what the punishment should be and as it isn't against the rules it makes no difference but I do know that you can't use 1 point.
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