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Originally Posted by AirArmsDavid View Post
and magnification ranges showed the new 38mm to be better than the 44mm standard model but with more critical eye positioning.
Originally Posted by AirArmsDavid View Post
but we noticed the 'white out' if our eye wasn't aligned well, as did Nick Jenkinson to whom the scopes then went.
I've a question to ask here. Now given that parallax error is one of the biggest problems faced by HFT shooters and that parallax error (as far as I know and I could be wrong on this) tend to be a function of exit pupil (the larger the exit pupil the greater the potential parallax error) wouldn't the 38mm would have been more sensible.

'White out' could be seen as an advantage in HFT since it warns you that you're eye isn't properly aligned with the scope.
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