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Originally Posted by AirArmsDavid View Post
Some of us have!

Last March I was asked to test the original prototypes (before the subsequent internal reworking) and even then found the 4.5-14x38 superior to the (then) new 3-12x50 Sidewinder and to the standard SR6 in terms of depth of field, and equal if not better in optical clarity and light transmission.
Hawke also took the rather unusual step of asking my son Jamie to test the prototypes too, saying that young eyes often pick up what older ones don't (i.e. calling me old and blind!). Both Jamie and I came independently to the same conclusion after shooting the prototypes in an HFT comp but we noticed the 'white out' if our eye wasn't aligned well, as did Nick Jenkinson to whom the scopes then went.

Following testing and constructive criticism of the prototypes by us and others the internal redesign was put in place to produce what should be outstanding optics and dof for the price.

Unless Hawke have gone backwards from that first prototype, the final version will be better than its predecessor. But as you rightly say, the proof of the pudding........

But not the one that everyone will actually get to buy, the prototype Rangemasters were amazing and then the production ones were, well!

I'll wait until I get to see one bought from a shop and then make an informed decision.
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