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Originally Posted by countorik View Post
First I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to answer my question.
Bit of a update, tried the 'spit' test, no bubbles. Took it to the club this afternoon, first shot over the crono 661, second 734, third 776, and it was consistent after that.
Don't know if anyone would know the year of manufacture, but the serial number is 02936.
Can you suggest someone that I could take it to that could sort the reg, will be at Gp7.
Got your PM Peter. GP7 is my home ground but unfortunately i'm away for a UKAHFT round. It is quite common for a reg to 'settle' after filling as both mine take 2 shots to settle from a fill. I know it's not much consolation but if i had the rifle it would serviced/reg service and pressure set within an hour. Real pity about the circumstances. Unless you can get the rifle to up this weekend?...i know it's a long way but at least you'll get a full service and set up. I only ever charge for parts used...never for the time

Reg o rings and belleville washers are a tenner and a firing valve is 17 quid. An extra tenner would cover all other internal o rings. So 27 quid total for full service including reg and pressure set.

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