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I have seven SR6's and on the way to accumulating these have had two problems. First was one with tiny speckles on the reticle, which turned out to be adhesive. Second was one which appeared to have internal crossover. In both cases the scopes were replaced with new ones without any fuss from Deben.

When last year I compared the new 50mm lensed Sidewinder 30 to the 44mm standard SR6 I noted that whilst zero no longer drifted off when re-parallaxing due to the new sidewheel, the depth of field wasn't as good as the smaller lens. As you would expect, the smaller the aperture the better the dof at the expense of light gathering capabilities.

The new 38mm scope has a three times magnification ratio (4.5-14) which makes for better optics than the four times (3-12) of the current standard 44mm SR6, and the smaller lens theoretically gives better dof whilst making up for lost light with the bigger 30mm tube. Initial testing of various prototypes, objective lens sizes, and magnification ranges showed the new 38mm to be better than the 44mm standard model but with more critical eye positioning. Due to this Deben chose a 42mm obj lens to improve the issue but it was still present in the first batch of 42mm samples so the scope internals were reworked to eliminate internal refections causing the problem. The result of this rework, which has taken some six months, has apparently brought the optics up to Japanese standards and also allowed for a return to the 38mm obj lens diameter without compromising optical performance.

There will be a range of new Sidewinder 30s, but the 38mm one will be the one for HFT'ers. It can also be mounted lower using Hawke 30mm medium Match mounts which are just 2mm higher than their 25mm low equivalents as the larger hole eats considerably more into the lower 30mm mount.

The 38mm prototype was also shorter than the 44mm model, another advantage for spring guns where the scope previously interfered with the breech.

Having liked the Sidewinder 30 with the 50mm lens in every respect bar the depth of field, I'm looking forward to the new one about to arrive any day now. With its SR6 reticle and separate rangefinding brackets it's ideal for .177 and perfectly useable for .22 too (as I've experienced this year). It looks like it should be an improvement on what was, for me, already the best HFT specific scope. You know I'm biased but I'll keep you posted with as objective a review as I can when the scope arrives, as I'm sure will Chris and Roger.

Price-wise the RRP is to be set at around the 260 mark but there will be only a limited quantity available on early release prior to Christmas.

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