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Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
Dear all,

It's all my fault!

I set the dates for bfta events. In doing so I try to avoid clashes. Last year that meant moving the masters weekend to accommodate the worlds, this resulted in a tight calendar. So this year I suggested that the masters move to October to avoid a potential clash with the worlds. Why potential? Because the bfta publishes its dates for the next season in November and sometimes the date for the worlds is not known. So gp7 on 24th August and worlds on the 5th September - yes a result, oh no too tight!
After last year I listened to a number of concerns that there was too much shooting; this was compounded by the movement of the masters weekend to accommodate the worlds and the euros following soon after. Hence the proposal to reduce the number of GP. The calendar was set in November 2013. In knowing the dates this allows shooters the opportunity to plan their year, regions to plan their opens and heaven forbid holidays to be booked.
GP 6 was cancelled for very good reasons and we are now exploring the alternatives. I think there can only be one and that is 4 from 6.
If GP 6 is rescheduled then what if some of the leading players cannot make that date?
What if it is rescheduled and few shooters turn up?
What if it's on the Saturday before gp7 and some shooters are working?

The integrity here and fairness must be directed at the competition and not at individuals who want it their way. This series, ideally of 7 rounds, is to find the best shooter in the UK. All competitors knew that at the start: they may have gambled on missing a GP (their choice) or they planned to do them all in the hope of achieving better scores. To change the dates of the events at this stage could offer advantage and that is not fair.

There is another thread about parochial shooters. It is clear to me that FT is becoming big in Europe. Next year we will have the worlds in Lithuania and Euros (not bfta) in Euskadi. Do shooters want a calendar that accommodates these events? Some posts on this thread suggest that they'd like 9 GP next year. This is possible if the bfta focuses only on the UK and why not there are plenty of UK shooters happy to not travel. But if some do then do we diminish our series with their absence?

Nought to do with you Shaun mate the weather wasn't planned and neither can you please everyone.

Everyone will have a handle on their aims but as they say no plan ever survives contact with the enemy, we have to adapt as we go.

Now you enjoy that hol's of yours :-)

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