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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
To be fair to Jeremy and Mr Steg the shoot was called of friday night,so he would not of been practiing a GP course.
However unless Mr Steg is a top end AA shooter his score of 42 would suggest that conditions were favourable on saturday,so maybe saturday would have been the better day to cancel.
Jeremy made a decision that was not going to sit well with everyone and was always going to bring debate,it was made and thats that.
On a personal note this GP season has not been good for me,far too long between shoots and no real rythm to it.
I would like to see things go back to 9 shoots with 6 scores counting,gives a better chance to drop naff scores.
Top end not at all...mediocre B was 'breezy...just enjoyed the hospitality of the guys Saturday. The guys had obviously worked hard at getting a course ready in case the shoot went ahead...but once again nobody would have enjoyed the day if it had gone ahead...and the safety aspect had to be considered...not only at the shoot itself but the possible hazards of traveling to Devon...the traffic around Bristol would have peed anybody off anyhow. Thank you ED for all the work that you did do.
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