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Originally Posted by Gcos View Post
This is enough do your nut in . What makes me split my sides laughing about all this ,is that the powers to be ( who ever they are ) expect a GP shooter to shoot on the 24th August and then go to New Zealand to represent thier Country and shoot in the World Championionships on the 5th of September. I bet that next year you dont put a GP on at the same time as The World Championships in Lithuania. Last year whoever was responsible for deciding that a GP date was to be on the same weekend as Euskad wasnt being very clever. One of 2 things need to happen either the people responsible for these decisions get a firm hard grip on the situation or a Dictator should be imposed. You can talk about EGMs , AGMs, regional reps and all the rest of the paraphernalia , till the cows come home but you need to get the job sorted out.
If i remember correctly, when the dates were considered, which was last year, NZ hadn't decided what dates they were going to hold on. I can check my records if you like, but the BFTA put dates out in November for reps I believe and NZ didn't announce until January.

The EFTA continue to ask long before about what dates hosts will be holding on, but for some reason we can't always get that information. We have continually asked that the worlds are confirmed much further forward than just the start of the year they are being held. It's a big event, the dates and venue should be fixed at least a year beforehand, and the rules at least 6 months.

The break this year was to accommodate in part other shoots, like Euskadi.
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