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Default The whole palaver.

This is enough do your nut in . What makes me split my sides laughing about all this ,is that the powers to be ( who ever they are ) expect a GP shooter to shoot on the 24th August and then go to New Zealand to represent thier Country and shoot in the World Championionships on the 5th of September. I bet that next year you dont put a GP on at the same time as The World Championships in Lithuania. Last year whoever was responsible for deciding that a GP date was to be on the same weekend as Euskad wasnt being very clever. One of 2 things need to happen either the people responsible for these decisions get a firm hard grip on the situation or a Dictator should be imposed. You can talk about EGMs , AGMs, regional reps and all the rest of the paraphernalia , till the cows come home but you need to get the job sorted out.
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