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Default Lets be fair

Originally Posted by dave croucher View Post
So people are practicing actual gp courses??
Is this the sound of a new can of worms opening i hear??
Im fully aware that club members have a percieved advantage,after all you cant help getting to know your own ground

But shoot the course a day early????? Really??
To be fair to Jeremy and Mr Steg the shoot was called of friday night,so he would not of been practiing a GP course.
However unless Mr Steg is a top end AA shooter his score of 42 would suggest that conditions were favourable on saturday,so maybe saturday would have been the better day to cancel.
Jeremy made a decision that was not going to sit well with everyone and was always going to bring debate,it was made and thats that.
On a personal note this GP season has not been good for me,far too long between shoots and no real rythm to it.
I would like to see things go back to 9 shoots with 6 scores counting,gives a better chance to drop naff scores.
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