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Originally Posted by strangefroot View Post
Eyup all .
Firstly , well done to jeremiah at east devon for putting a good call in as the gp numbers would have probably halved with the weather as its been today .
Been mulling this over for a couple of days now & the best solution I can think of is , holding it on the masters course on the Saturday of the showdown weekend .
A lot of folk will be doing this shoot anyway & having it in 8 weeks time gives more people the chance to re-jig any plans that they had .
We at anston would also be willing to help out with the toilet costs that east devon have dipped on .
A couple of pitfalls I can think of are =
The presentation for the masters / showdown & gp prizes / raffle will drag the sunday on a fair bit .
It'll not suit everyone , but probably more chance of more people being able to shuffle things about to accomadate it .
Would we have it over the 2 x 30 shot courses or scrap the last 10 from 1 course to make it 50 ?

I also think it would be a shame to only have 6 rounds to the gp series . It would probably be in my favour points wise but would prefer to battle to the end to feel any satisfaction personally.
Just a thought , what ya reckon ?
Calps .
We're with you on this one Andy, sounds like the most feasible option and as you say, it'll give more time for everyone to sort themselves out.

(Dave and Paula Schofield)

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