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Session 1
Greg Hensman
Greg Hensman Jnr
Rik Travers (Depending on motorways)
Janine Travers
Steve Davey (with possibly two others if I can persuade them!)
Dave taylor
Geoff Watkinson
Lloyd Grove
Evan Grove
Dan Newell
Louise Bignall
Dave Clements
Ollie Wadcock (??)
Paul Bretland
Mike Turner
Derek whitingham
Brian Lewis
Kerian Lewis

Session 2
Ryan Charlton
Dave Hunter
Ian Hunter
Mick Mctighe
Pete Sparkes
Jane Sparkes
Derick Stone
Kev Jones
Dave Martin
Ryan Martin
David Robertson
Nigel Smith
Derick Stone
Peter Underwood
Andrew Underwood
Gareth James
Stephen James
Phil Johnson
Paula Johnson

Ill see who else i can get to come along from fort

Fort Airgun Club

Air Arms Tx200

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