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From a rep's POV i'd just illustrate why there's opposition for the proxy/phone conference... because judging by the most simple of subjects cause great debate, we may as well all be in the same room. Plus it would be inevitable to have a debate around when to have the phone call! But perhaps how decisions are made is best left for another thread.

So from looking so far, it looks like the 17th is too soon (its next weekend), it looks like any other non shooting date causes problems for a lot of people, so i'm inclined to favour Andy's suggestion at the moment. Perhaps it doesn't need a format change, just that score goes in.

As illustrated with proposals, the basic idea is simple enough to come up with, it's the what if's that often lead to it being voted out, especially if they aren't contained with the proposal... because often there can be a "oh i hadn't though of that"... which was the idea for the thread, to get those out.

We can run a poll with only registered people on the BFTA site, or we can just do it on the forum and ask for names, only counting the votes from people who were signed up for GP6... which I think may be better. As it stands there was about 130 booked in (last time I looked, and no doubt there were some local shooters who hadn't, who may lose out either by travelling a lot further or not shooting)

Poll options:

East Devon 17th
Another day (TBC)
Leave it out

Any others?

I'll leave it for a bit and then perhaps put up tonight.
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