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Originally Posted by neilL View Post
Brian, the problem with the BFTA is that there is no provision for a phone conference or phone vote (or email vote). I raised these issues several times and there is near unanimous opposition from the regions (I leave you to guess which region would love to have phone-ins, proxy voting).

The only vote is the Region Rep's vote. So not even Chairman or Secretary can decide on GP6 as there isn't a procedure permitting that. "BFTA can vary" is the collective. Shaun as Comp Sec could probably get the support to make that decision but he is sublimly away from all this on his hols.

Come forward and stand for election - you will be assimilated. The Borg FTA wants you :-)

This sort of thing is one of the reasons I am standing down as Sec. I have never worked on a committee before where it is so hard to get business done.

All the best
Doesn't this situation highlight how crazy the bureaucracy in the BFTA is? I'm not having a dig at you Neil, I know your hands are tied on this, and I know the BFTA committee work very hard for the good of the sport. My problem with the whole thing is - a lot of the work the committee work hard at is a byproduct of the system they've created for themselves and continue to vote for. There's no need to work that hard - things have moved on in 30 years of the BFTA, it's time the BFTA started to use the technology available to them.

I've been asked if I would like to stand for election for the Secretary job when you step down, but I'm afraid the reason I won't do that is the same reason you're resigning. I do not want to support the current method of doing things. I'm happy to put in as much of my time as it takes for free to help change these antiquated procedures, in fact if it's accepted I will be standing for a role (albeit a new one) at the next AGM.

So based on your assessment is it true that we cannot reschedule GP6 unless a region raises a motion and calls for an EGM so that all the regions can vote on it in person?

How do things stand if GP6 is just dropped completely from the series? - Does that require a Motion/EGM/in person vote too?
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