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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Yeah, what I'm saying is that I don't think in this case that there is a requirement to take it to a bfta AGM/EGM meeting, because there's a stipulation in the rules that the BFTA has the right to vary the the nominated events at any time.

What Neil is arguing is that it still means that a vote would need to be taken at an AGM/EGM, but of course the BFTA has the right to change anything at an AGM/EGM, yet there isn't a similar disclaimer in the constitution stating that the BFTA reserves the right to vary any and every rule at any time.

So the inclusion of that particular term in the rules implies that this is an extra power that the BFTA has - the ability to vary the events at any time without needing to call an EGM to do so.

It's ambiguous, but that ambiguity swings both ways.

What I'm saying here is, if there's a solution that would be the best solution to the problem that we can't actually action because of the BFTA rules, then the bureaucracy isn't helpful, it's actually forcing our hand to come up with a less than ideal solution.

In that instance, there is a rule with sufficient ambiguity to allow the bureaucracy to be bypassed in order to action the best solution, rather than actioning a less than ideal solution.
Brian, the problem with the BFTA is that there is no provision for a phone conference or phone vote (or email vote). I raised these issues several times and there is near unanimous opposition from the regions (I leave you to guess which region would love to have phone-ins, proxy voting).

The only vote is the Region Rep's vote. So not even Chairman or Secretary can decide on GP6 as there isn't a procedure permitting that. "BFTA can vary" is the collective. Shaun as Comp Sec could probably get the support to make that decision but he is sublimly away from all this on his hols.

Come forward and stand for election - you will be assimilated. The Borg FTA wants you :-)

This sort of thing is one of the reasons I am standing down as Sec. I have never worked on a committee before where it is so hard to get business done.

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