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Originally Posted by LittleJack View Post
As Rob said in a nutshell.
We should get a poll going on this NOW or ASAP. But it should be a controlled one vote one person poll, and it should be public in my opinion just so we know that Joe Bloggs who we havent seen for3 years isn't voting.
I will support GP6 if its rescheduled but after all if no one is gonna turn up whats the point in putting it out.
Totally agree with you Jack - we've only got 2 weeks left until GP7 so we don't have any time to waste on this.

The way I see it is, if you reschedule GP6 to happen some time after GP7 then that new date then becomes the end of season presentation/raffle ceremony etc. and with that in mind you may end up putting the end of season presentation on a date that not everyone can make which isn't fair.

If you're going to reschedule for 23rd or 25th August and make it an Emley Moor double header then there's no time to waste on this.
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