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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Do you really need all of that cumbersome bureaucracy?

You can't plan for every eventuality, and this is a pretty exceptional situation. I don't remember another GP being cancelled, I remember the Inters being cancelled a few years ago due to bad snow at Newbury.

As far as I can see - there's sufficient mandate in the rules to cater for this situation :-

The BFTA reserve the right to vary the 7 nominated events at any time

That's in the rules at the moment, and that's a very broad statement that would allow any of the suggestions in this thread to be implemented under that mandate.

Isn't it enough to say - sometimes shit happens, but when and if it does, the BFTA will look at all the options and come up with what they feel is the most sensible solution.
GP6 is still down to East Devon. They have first shout. SWEFTA is the region that the GP was allocated to. They get second call on the event.

Otter regions are welcome to make offers to the Comp Sec /BFTA BUT opinions expressed here on StB are merely suggestions. Regions get to vote not BFTA Officers or shooters.

And yes there was discussion on polls but nothing has moved forward.

I guarantee that you cannot please everyone.
"BFTA reserve the right to vary "
Sounds great but that means the committee (with an EGM and voting) or maybe the Comp Sec but sadly "BFTA" isn't a carte blanche for just one person to make a decision which involves financial matters.

I am sure some Regions can, very likely, make a few phone calls to the other committee members and move on. Maybe a Region cannot do that and all heck breaks out at the next meeting. Cancelling can be decided by Host Club, Region Cttee and finally BFTA but the time scales simply get longer and only the host club can really do short notice cancellations.

The cancelled GP is an exception but a policy for the future needs to be thought through and written down so that it can be invoked if there is a next time. Needs something like GP at Risk, Event Cancellation Possible, Probable Cancellation, Confirmed Cancelled sort of notices placed at well defined locations, forums, etc. Then re-scheduled , merged, dropped type status. Financial loss limits defined for Club, Region and BFTA (maybe needing a cancellation clues on policies?).

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