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Originally Posted by Sammo View Post
I should have pointed out that I don't lay blame on the BFTA for this, as we know the members work bloody hard for nothing.
I am merely pointing out that this should never be allowed to happen again without a contingency plan of action being in place.
StB is great for frank discussion but it won't place a motion on the AGM Agenda.

Someone needs to read past minutes, especially Treasurer and Comp Sec reports, work out a motion and assess any impact on Constitution and/or ByLaws, impact on existing insurance and future exposure to liabilities and premiums, re-compose a motion, pass it up to region rep, get approval from regional associations, gain at least a nomination and second (i.e. 2 region reps) and win the vote at the AGM.

Motions need to be sent to the Sec (me) by early October.

I entirely agree on a need for such a contingency plan. Getting one in place could be simple but could get complicated. Getting draft motions circulating around the region cttees well ahead of the AGM will make an enormous difference so that pre-agm discussion can take place to pre-empt errors and omissions.

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