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The BFTA will be out on all the trophies as well don't forget.

Looking at the weather today, I'm glad they cancelled it. It's a shame, but I don't relish the idea of getting pissed wet through and having to take lottery shots in a 30mph wind, gusting to 50mph!

So I think that the correct decision was made. Well done on making a tough but sensible decision Jeremy and East Devon FTC.

This thread isn't really about that though, it's about discussing the various options on how to go forward.

It seems to me from reading this thread that probably the majority of shooters would be inconvenienced if GP6 was rescheduled to another date. I'd put myself in that camp too. There isn't really a date in the near future that would be easy for me to make and like many others I tend to arrange my schedule around the GP dates, so to throw another one in with just 2 weeks notice doesn't work well.

My vote would be to drop GP6 from the season and change the scoring to 4 from 6 and alter the raffle requirements and showdown qualification accordingly.

That approach would inconvenience a few shooters (a minority) who were banking on another score to try to claw back from another bad shoot, but let's face it - if this shoot hadn't been cancelled, do you really think that getting soaked through to the skin and shooting in 30-50mph winds wouldn't have been a dropped score anyway?
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