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Default Mmmm

If it comes dowm to a double header then I would rather it be Saturday and Sunday. If it were Sun and Mon, then another nights hotel would have to be booked and I would say at such short notice that someone is going to miss out.

I would travel on the Sat morning and shoot, then go to the Hotel as arranged for Sat night, get up and shoot Sun morning, hang around for the draw then drive home.

I would be willing to go to East Devon for a rescheduled shoot if it came to it but I have lost 35 for the Travelodge room which I booked as I didn't take out insurance. I have also driven almost 400 miles this weekend as part of the round trip to go to East Devon which was cancelled while I was in Aylesbury as a stop over.

I don't like the idea of this shoot getting involved with the European shoot which is a totaly different event and nothing to do with GPs
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