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Default What has today brought

Originally Posted by RAIDER View Post
Just to say "were gutted" as well as others @ East Devon, not for financial reasons although it does not help.
We can if BFTA want with a few phone calls be able to put on another date, but I sense some resentment on our decision to cancel. Some no doubt would be happy even if a minor accident happened car damaged on site or personal injury. But in these times "The blame game" come to the front and no doubt if the worse came to the worse I / we as host would be pushed down the pan.
When weather warnings are issued we have to except the issuer's know what there talking about and I'm not second guessing their decisions.
Sec East Devon FTC.
Just out of interest what would the out come be if the decision was made at 9.00 am today has previously mentioned?
Not resentment just disapointed that the weather has messed up my weekends plans,i know someone has to make the call .
I am sure i'm not the only one that is disapointed.
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