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Originally Posted by Waelwulfas View Post
Score 4 from 6 ending season at At Emley. This avoids problems for those who can't make a new short notice date. Like many others I've arranged my family life around the agreed dates. It compensates the shooters who have yet to submit 5 counting scores and will now be unable to do so. It also gives shooters the opportunity to head to Emley with the possibility of improving their position with an 'additional' dropped score. Any rearranged date will tread on other regional shoots. As Neil has pointed out double headers were voted out, to slide one in as an emergency would be an abuse of our constitution? The idea of a small voluntary contribution to SWFTA has merit, with a longer term debate on cancellation compensation as Rich suggests.

Lots have planned arround the dates and postponed holidays to be at the final GP for the draw and closing out etc, anyone who was due to shoot GP 6 and the final to be in the draw should be counted as long as they were booked in for GP 6.

Most people have a busy schedule and fitting in another shoot with work and family life is sometimes unfair on the partners and children.

Now that it's off I would agree Ian we go with finishing at Emley and score it out of 4

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