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Just for clarification.

The BFTA Cttee made the decision at the last AGM that GPs were to be one per region (willing to host) i.e. stopping the previous custom of one or two regions making up the numbers to get 9.

A GP is awarded to the region not a club and SWEFTA was down for GP6.

There wasn't any discussion with regard to contingency plans in the event that a GP was cancelled. The assumption is that the GP is re-scheduled or not held. There is no basis for hosting GP6 at another region double-header or otherwise (it would need an EGM I suspect, the Chair can call one but the advanced notice period makes this incompatible with a rapid decision).

I expect there will be some discussion at the AGM as to helping East Devon with their expenses but that is currently not on the agenda (there are no agenda items for motions at this point for the AGM). BFTA is not responsible for any losses for participants.

I hope this helps with the discussion as to options.

It kind of looks to me like GP6 is either held at a later date in SWEFTA or it doesn't happen. The bad weather cancellation was not considered so there isn't a policy.

Motions welcomed from region reps for the AGM. If it needs a change to the Constitution or By-Laws then that requires advanced notice so that all regions can consider it.

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