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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Whatever you do you're going to inconvenience some shooters, so I reckon what you should do is the solution that inconveniences the fewest shooters.

This looks like the perfect opportunity to use the new BFTA Website's Poll option Rob.

Present shooters with the viable options in a poll and let the majority decide? Or at least let the majority have an input into the decision that's made by the BFTA.

What mandate does the BFTA have in it's constitution and bylaws to make this sort of quick decision? I suppose the 'official' way to go with this would be for a region to raise a motion and call for an EGM, then all the regions reps should meet and vote on that motion. Or is this sort of decision all down to the comp sec to make?
As soon as Shaun gives me green light it will be done.

As you said the idea that inconveniences the least.

Any emergency action should be enabled by the constitution. If not csfta will back any vote.
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