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Default Don't really know how to play this..


The issue is that the dates have been scheduled since the start of the year and other things have been added in on the weekends in between.

For myself I'm away for a stag party the weekend of the 17th so that puts that one out for me..

Problem I've got is that I've shot all the series and have had 2 bad rounds.. I would need these 2 last rounds to do well in to help me out overall..

The weekend of the masters I'm at a wedding so was happy to sacrifice that weekend for it.

Other issue for the last gp I help Kevin out with prizes and bring prizes from lots of the sponsors so would have to look at passing that all on to someone to deliver..

This sounds one sided and I don't mean to sound tin that way.. I personally don't know what would be best to sort what has happened out..

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