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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
I've had the nod from the chap at Deben that i did the original sidewinder 30 write up for. He's sending one of the new scopes when they arrive next week. i'll pop it on a spare rifle and have a play with it and let you lot know what it's like. If anyone wants to try it out then just ask as i'm willing to leave it on a spare rifle and bring it with me to the shoots.

It will have to be good to make me change from the Viper though.....i know, i know....but the Viper suits me. I've a Bushy 6500 sat at home but still keep the viper as my comp scope.
Assuming the new scopes arrive in the next two weeks there should be a few of them at Kibworth at the 'fun shoot' HFT comp on Saturday 12th December. 5 to shoot the comp. Bring an unusual rifle and have even more fun!

If Chris brings his new scope, that'll make three!

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