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Originally Posted by D Martin View Post
He must have been aiming at something else though

My trigger fell off - Well it did - not my bloody fault
My scope was loose - You loosened it. I'm sure you did
The action was too loose - That was a bolt from the blue that was
Daniel put me off - He did I tell you, I saw him
I started really well then it rained - Either that or God was having a wee wee
It was windier where I was shooting - Flatulance was particularly bad that day
I forgot my aim points - I always aim to please. Just laught with me NOT at me
I couldn't range find - Now, where did I put that flaming range errrrrr ummm, it's here somewhere
I lost concentration - Well, er, what were we talking about
I was using Daniels rifle - Cheer pal, he didn't know about that, you really grassed me up now

I couldn't set my rifle up properly because I've shot my chrono - I've set mine up, just didn't want anyone else to set theirs up. reduce the competition.

Nige you're a star mate
Not yet, stars are all dead. I'm not ready for that

So you see, there was a justifiable reason for all the reasons.

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