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I have to admit that in the past i have done the whole nine yards when it comes to pellet prep. Washing, weighing,lubing and sizing and still can't really say that i have seen noticable benefits. Mind you, i feel that i can group quite well on card and any anomalies due to pellet/batch/barrel mismatch would become apparent quite quickly. I aim for a group around the 10mm mark at 35 yards and can get that with a decent batch of JSB's straight out of the tin. However....i have noticed that my Steyr does prefer a fairly clean barrel and i think washing/lubing might help with that. Currently i have an excellent batch of JSB 4,52's and have 120 tins so nothing for me to worry about for a few months

I would still like to get a tin of my good batch and wash/lube a few hundred to see if the group sizes reduce and also to weigh a few hundred. It's the long range groups that i like to see tight and my current batch is pretty good down range despite being average over the chrono (10-15fps). It's worth trying these things as barrel/pellet combinations can be really weird and to dismiss the whole wash/weigh/lube/size regime as daft without trying it errr, well daft

Think i will prep a tin this weekend just for experiments sake....
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