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Default Highly amused by YouTube pellet cleaning videos

This is not to insult anyone on Youtube just my amusings.

Pellet cleaning videos technically I can see the point [just] that's where it stops.

99% of the videos show the pellets dumped in various glass tubs/coffee pots etc filled up with hot water along with various forms of washing up liquid [wow men do sometimes come in contact with washing up liquid [maybe my husband should watch these videos]

Once the pellets have be swirled around in the liquid they're then dumped into a drainer.. This is where I find things amusing

Cleaning pellets supposed to remove lead residue/moulding junk [I can understand that]
Why then dump the cleaned pellets into a drainer swish them around which will cause chips etc
Then they're dumped back into a pellet can ??????? [Now that's lost me totally]

In short why wash the pellets to remove the lead junk just to dump them into a can which will knock the pellets around causing more lead junk !!!

Am I missing something or taking life too seriously

Answers on a post card please
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