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There's not much you can ask of your MP except to protest at further devolution to Scotland. This will be rather difficult as it appears that both major parties support it.

Action against the ownership of airguns will come only in Scotland but Westminster will watch with interest. If the devolution goes ahead I expect the Scottish Parliament will act quickly on some matters, airguns being one of them.
I understand that if devolution goes ahead the Scottish Parliament could have something in place for airguns by September next year.

It could take a few years before this would spread South.

The clever part of all this is that no matter how hard protests are made south of the border it will have little effect north of that border. It's a very successful divide and conquer exercise.

Unfortunately it's looking more and more that the Scottish airgunners have been stuffed. Whether we can do anything about it spreading over the border will have to be seen in a couple of years. At the moment we have little to protest about in England and Wales as nothing so far has been threatened.

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