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Default Picture Progress

I thought that you might want to see the 'Tache progress over the last three weeks;

Day One, Freshley shave but ready to grow

Week One, I forgot to smile, hence the 'Most Wanted' look

Week Two, Getting Itchy now!

Week Three, 'Oh Yeah!'

Serious bit now lads.
10,000 men a year in the U.K. DIE from Prostate Cancer & in my view that's 10,000 too many!
It's true that no one donation of 5 or 10 will stop this desease in it's tracks but if a load of us gave just alittle it might make a difference.
Donate alittle on my Movember site HERE
Via Paypal, credit or Debit card, you have 10.000 reasons to do so!
If you find yourself on the Movember Homepage instead of my Donation page, that's OK. Just put 'Gregory Ralph' into the search box & you will arrive by the wonders of modern technology where you are meant to be.
Many Thanks!
"The Past is a Foreign Country, they do things differently there".
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