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Originally Posted by strangefroot View Post
What a day , Eh .
Would like to thank shaun for the stats run again , Jeremy , for the coaching & encouragement & company round the course , All the folk who took pics to remind us of the day we've just endured .

Ive had a bit to do with setting the odd course or two over the years & fully appreciated the time & effort that went into putting that course out .Well done all at blaneau , mega .

Its a shame that there may have been a few folk that didn't turn up because of reading the kak that's talked on the different forums about too many up hill shots etc ....... well , you all missed a growler .

Days like that aren't about just the prize winners , its about the likes of one of my ft heroes " tony burnell " ( not a top shot by any stretch of the imagination & I'm sure that most folk on here will never have heard of him ) But just to see him going about the normal things like walking , bending over etc that most of us take for granted is inspirational to me & all that meet him & he even shot the course yesterday . So surely no excuses hold any water from any one that's got a bit of lard on or got a bad back ( as i'm sure their wont be many as worse off as tony ) top bloke & well done from me . .

Top job chaps , cheers
Calps .
Congrats on the win and the great shoot off with Jack. Truly something special to see.
As for Tony, your spot on, there is no one in FT harder and I was truly suprised to see him do the course.
If Tony can do it anyone can with no excuses.

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