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Originally Posted by RAIDER View Post
I have to be honest, if I had bothered to listen to the banter going around before the GP5 I may have not attended. But I did and I enjoyed the course I thought it was ok different to anything I had shot before but loved it. If we don't shoot these course we just as well rent out the local football pitch in the villages and set out 50 targets. Varity is the spice of life. Im 60 over weight and did not find it a problem.
The work them guys done was immense and the out come was 100%. Ok I scored for me quite well but still thought top course. I guided Calps around and now he's WELSH OPEN champion.

Respite at GP6 flat ground like a bowling green, see you all there.


Be sure to have some high one's for myself and my old man jeremy. we're not used to flat ground

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