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Originally Posted by Dave Ramshead View Post
Going for a very low mount set up is very over rated imho - makes the longer shots harder, it's a better benefit to have a slightly higher set up and keep the rail.

I use low mounts (for scopes upto 32mm obj), which gives me a scope to barrel centre of 1.82" - which is the same as an s400 on high mounts.

With these mounts, the objective bell end sits below the rail.
see here:

The biggest negative point of ditching the rail is risk of damaging the dovetails on the block, which you really don't want to be doing
I'm with Dave on this one although I've long suspected that we are in the minority. Far too many folks rush headlong into mounting scopes as low as possible without really thinking about what they are doing. On a rifle without an adjustable cheek piece I can almost understand it, on a PT I can't. Leave the standard rail on the rifle and accept that you won't get the scope quite as low as many would wish. If you really want to mount a scope lower on a PT then look to low mounts and a scope with a 1" tube.
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