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Smile He's at it again.

[bQUOTE=BDL;169975]Proper is it they must have cards too then hope you remember to hand them in lmao[/QUOTE]

To be fair to the fat man (simon evans ) he should hand every scorecard in....! It lack's any sort of class when he doesn't....but i hate to say it he is a decent shot when he isnt waffling on between lane's and talking bollox, It isn't easy to win at any level of FT Wether its regional or national as you will find out in your quest to go up through the grades. He did finish 2nd or 3rd at the worlds so credit where credit's due...! Its easy to criticise but unless your competing for the top 3, your only there to make the numbers up....good luck on getting better in your shooting...and competing with the best one day..? But FT Is tough as u will find out.
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