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Originally Posted by simmo 1198 View Post
Hi Stu, It's Simmo from the Greyhound,Why did you not let me Know of your loss first buddy, as I could have helped you out straight away,I have a axor and and a logon pump not being used, unless I don't like the guy who wants a blast of air out the bottle on the down side where you had your pump hanging up on the course only the guys shooting the comp would have seen it. So as my title says LOST or stolen . let me know if your sorted if not I'll bring a pump to purley chase round of Sarc a week on Sunday. Atb Simmo
Hi simmo thanks for the offer .I didnt realise it was gone till Tuesday eve ..also it may have been lost and come out by its self .but in 8 years of owning it and carrying it in a bag all over my perms ( its never once even slightly come loose through woods and over fields etc ) so my hunch is its been nicked .I hope im wrong .anyway a great guy has offered to send me one and I hope to receive it soon ..thanks to all who have offered and been of help it restores my faith in human nature I might take you up on the fill offer at purley as I dont want to bring my (hopefully fixed pump )
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