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Question lost or stolen?

Originally Posted by ultra stu View Post
Cheers tench .and alan .I think rt is gonna try make me one .I can work out the thread size .but its the length and how the end looks that seals the valve that I dont have .much appreciate the offer and I may get back if rt cant help .thanks again
stu .
Hi Stu, It's Simmo from the Greyhound,Why did you not let me Know of your loss first buddy, as I could have helped you out straight away,I have a axor and and a logon pump not being used, unless I don't like the guy who wants a blast of air out the bottle on the down side where you had your pump hanging up on the course only the guys shooting the comp would have seen it. So as my title says LOST or stolen . let me know if your sorted if not I'll bring a pump to purley chase round of Sarc a week on Sunday. Atb Simmo
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