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Default xxx - Bainbridge update - xxx

Hello All,

I have just got back from seeing the old goat and I am glad to say he is doing very well. When I arrived he was eyeing up one of the younger nurses and was offering her free membership to his new gun club, if she would agree to give him a second sponge bath.

He is going to have surgery tomorrow to have a pacemaker fitted, however, Ian wants to know, if the pacemaker switches off half way round a course, can he switch it back on again??

He is in great spirits and there is a chance he may even be home at the weekend.

He asked me to pass on his best to everyone and he has promised that he will be fit to sing at the 2014 Gathering. (I will ask the doctor if we can have a remote to the pacemaker, so we can stop him from singing)

Next update will be from the man himself.

See you all Sunday

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