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I went on Sunday.
40min from Banbury - CLA signs were in Banbury so just followed those even with "Jane" geting annoyed with me not taking the route she was recommending.
No problem with traffic - straight into the car park, it was well planned.
The CLA web site had good travel recommendations IF you wanted to fly in by helicopter

However, no exhibitor list, coulden't even get a show guide before the show with only the "collect at gate option". So, no chance to plan my visit, no layout map on the CLA web site... very very poor effort.
The guide didn't have sections on particular interests, a right hotch potch of wood burners, ferrets, cars, holiday homes and wind turbines..... I'm sure there were some guns in there somewhere, but I just took out the map and headed for gunmakers row. I am sure the lack of info on the CLA web site was an unashamed, transparent ploy to get you to part with another 6 quid at the gate.

CLA it worked this year but it won't next year, I won't be paying 22 or the 6 for something that should be on the web site as I won't be going.

Traffic on the way out was clear, unlike last years Midland game fair which took 30mins just to get out of the car park.

If I was into traffic management, I'd go deffo to CLA again, it was awsome in that rerspect!..... for guns, British shooting show every time.

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