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Originally Posted by daveuk View Post
I would echo the sentiment for the guys left high and dry because of EasyJet.
With regard to Brians comment, the manufacturer has no way of knowing whether the rifle in its present form does not require a licence. They can however state that it did not require one at the point of manufacture. The manufacturer does not know whether you have inadvertently rebuilt it and not run a batch of pellets through, leaving it at 12.5 ft/lbs.
It's more a case of what the manufacturer are willing to put in a letter rather that what they know or don't know. Air Arms were willing to put that on letter headed paper for me.

It's quite persuasive if the gun manufacturer give you a letter to say your gun isn't capable of exceeding 12 fpe. Whether that's factually correct or not doesn't matter for the purposes of dealing with a jobsworth at the airport.

Mind you, Calps (one if the EJ 3 ) had a very similar letter with him at the airport and it still didn't help him.

The check in staff at the counter didn't even work for Easy Jet, ithey work for 'Menzies' aparently.
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