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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Phew that sounds like it's sorted then. Call ahead to let them know you're travelling with a gun and get your gun manufacturer to send you a letter stating that you are the owner of your gun and that it was manufacturered to be sub 12fpe and doesn't require a licence and it's job done.

I sent an email over to Air Arms asking for a letter for my TX and they were really helpful, I've got a blinder of a letter from them now.

I'm still gutted for the EJ 3 but at least some good has come from it.

Well done Rob for your tireless pursuit of this, you've done us all proud mate!

@Ger : sorry I missed your call the other night, no signal, so the phone didn't even ring. I'm around this evening though, PM me your number and I'll give you a bell when I've got a signal.
I would echo the sentiment for the guys left high and dry because of EasyJet.
With regard to Brians comment, the manufacturer has no way of knowing whether the rifle in its present form does not require a licence. They can however state that it did not require one at the point of manufacture. The manufacturer does not know whether you have inadvertently rebuilt it and not run a batch of pellets through, leaving it at 12.5 ft/lbs.
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