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Nope, not sunny at all today.

Thanks for the info too.

Yes I have been a gun collector and modder for some time but it never really bothered me about shooting them till a few pals dragged me off to Dolphin a couple of weeks ago.

I just spent my time modding Crosmans some of which can be seen on my website

That said I have had some fine rifles pass through my hands over the years.

It was at Dolphin where I took my Bowkett R10 for shoot that I first had a go of a DS Mk4, I knew then I just had to have one so off went the R10 when I saw the Platinum Charlie had for sale.

Appealing to me as a collector with it being 100/100 and I just had to use this one. With some help I am getting better so I am enjoying this one more than any of my others.
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